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Will Taylor Swift Tour in India 2023? Taylor Swift Concert India 2023

Miss Swift is set to Tour in 2023 across the world for her Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular pop stars in the world, and fans across India are eagerly anticipating her next tour. As of now, Taylor Swift has not announced any official plans to tour in India in 2023, but fans remain hopeful that she will include India as a stop on her next tour.

Over the years, Taylor Swift has been known for putting on some of the most spectacular live shows in the music industry. Her tours are known for their elaborate sets, stunning visual effects, and incredible performances that leave fans breathless. And while fans in India have been able to enjoy her music through streaming services and other media platforms, there's nothing like experiencing her live performances in person.

There has been a lot of buzz in the Indian music scene about the possibility of Taylor Swift touring in India in 2023. Many fans are speculating that she may include India in her upcoming tour. However, at this point, nothing has been confirmed.

Taylor Swift has a history of touring extensively, and she's known for putting on some of the most massive tours in the industry. Her last tour, the "Lover Fest," was supposed to take place in 2020, but it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, she recently announced that she will be embarking on a new tour called "The Eras Tour" in 2023.

Taylor Swift has announced that she will be performing in multiple countries across the world. Unfortunately, as of now, India is not on the list of announced tour stops. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that India won't be added to the tour in the future.

Taylor has announced over 50+ Shows in United States alone, this does bring a sense of hope that she will be touring a long time throughout the globe, After all it's been 5 years and swifties have missed her.

Here are a few things we can presume if and when she comes to India :

1) Taylor Swift tour India 2023 locations:

Venues are likely to be stadiums or grounds with over 60,000 capacity. She's likely to tour ind Mumbai or Delhi

2) Pricing for The Eras Tour in India :

Starting tickets might be priced from 4k to 7k with early bird passes. VIP and later phases are likely to start from 10k to 70k or even more. Prices will increase depending on which seats you choose

3) Dates

As announced, Taylor will be touring US cities from March to August. She has not announced International dates yet. Next she is likely to tour Europe after her US leg of the tour. She might come to India/Asia in the months between February to May 2024. However, in case she doesn't come to India she will come to near by countries/cities like Japan, Singapore, China or maybe more. She has previously toured in Asia in these cities for 1989 world tour and Reputation Stadium tour.

These are some of the major concerns of all Swifties in India. We hope you do not lose faith of The Eras Tour happening in India. We hope to see you at the Tour !

Until she comes to India ! Let's Dance and Sing along at Swiftie Night India. Swiftie Night was started in 2021. Visit to see when the event is happening in your city ! Follow us on Instagram to stay updated.

PS: These are all predictions/assumptions that I have written based on previous tour data.

Written by : Ritu Bhoite

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1 Comment

Ritu Bhoite
Ritu Bhoite
Mar 17, 2023

Let's pray she does come !!! 🤐

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